Class Descriptions

All classes incorporate the fundamental elements of Power Vinyasa Yoga. Each posture flows from one to the next with fluid movement and breath that facilitates a connection between the body and mind. Our classes are fun, energetic, and invigorating.

The practice area is heated for All Level Power Yoga classes to allow the body to sweat, to become more supple, and to detoxify.

Neutral temperature for Basics Slow Flow and Gentle & Deep Holds and Yin/Restorative classes.

Power Vinyasa Yoga (All Levels)

A flowing, powerful series of poses designed to build strength and endurance, increase range of motion and flexibility and sharpen your mental edge. This class will benefit students of all levels. Our classes are challenging with the freedom for each student to use the power within to know when to push physically and mentally to their edge and when to pull back and rest at any point during the class. These classes are more than a workout, they are a chance to remove emotional blocks and release negative thoughts and energy. Each class offers the willing student a chance for transformation. Class is heated.

Basics Slow Flow

Join us for this Basics Slow Flow to include dynamic movement to get your energy flowing and focused.

Classes include breathing & relaxation techniques combined with energy and rigor enhancing yoga poses to promote muscle toning & strengthening as well as balance & circulation.

* Neutral room temperature

Gentle and Long Holds Yoga

This class is deeply relaxing and is a perfect complement to a more active (vinyasa) practice or great for athletes looking for more suppleness and greater range of motion. Poses are mostly supine and seated and are held for an extended period of time allowing the body to completely surrender and access deep muscle tissues. Props such as blocks and bolsters can be used but are not necessary. You will leave feeling relaxed and revitalized. This class is not heated.

Give-Back Community Classes

Donation-based classes. Donations are given to non-profit organizations that serve our local/global community.

Helpful Hints

  • New students should arrive 15-20 minutes early to register and get settled.

  • Ask questions! The staff and teachers are there to support you. Please advise your instructor of any pre-existing injuries.

  • Please turn off cell phones during class.

  • Eat light a few hours prior to class.

  • Hydrate! Drink water before and after class.

  • Enjoy yourself!

*Mat and towel rentals available by request

Private Sessions

​Inquire in the studio or call to schedule.