Welcome to Yoga ya ya, and thank you for your interest in yoga. Whether you are considering yoga for the first time, or are an experienced practitioner, we think you will feel at home in our studio.


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"At five years old I broke my hip and killed the growth plate in an accident. After almost 20 surgeries lots and lots of physical therapy at age 28 I discovered YOGA. If I practice at least twice a week I experience hardly any pain in my hip, as a matter of fact it's the only thing that relieves the pain when I do have it. The instructors at Ya Ya Yoga always introduce new poses that help stretch or strengthen my... read more

Jennifer Tichenor

"A little over a year ago, I decided to try yoga. A close friend had been going to yoga for a while, and I noticed a difference in her. She encouraged me to come see if I liked it. All my preconceived ideas were immediately removed. This was something I could do! If I can't make it to class, I miss it! When I practice yoga, I feel better, I sleep better, I eat better!

Sometimes when I travel, I will attend... read more

Karen Purvis

"Two years ago, when Yoga Ya Ya opened, I was excited about finally getting to try yoga for the first time in my life. I had been running for years and was very tired of doing the same thing over and over. I always felt better after the run, but dreaded it deeply before the run.  So, yoga entered my life. Within the first couple of classes, I found myself actually looking forward to going and challenging myself... read more

Lynn Davis Clark

Last night was my first night to practice in over 2 weeks. I was guarded going in, knowing I had consumed some serious desert calories, thereby affecting my GI tract....I walked away from ... read more

Gwen Maddox

"I turned 53 in January 2013. Overweight and with health issues, I knew that I had to make some changes in my life.  A friend suggested that I try "hot yoga".  With much reluctance, I literally got off the couch and went to yoga.  After almost a year, I have lost 25 lbs., and my energy, stamina, and muscle tone is better than it has been in years.  The thing that I love most about hot yoga is the quality of life... read more

Teri Foti

"I have always been an active person. I began having problems with my ankle two years ago and found out I had no cartilage left in my ankle. After several surgeries and nine months without walking, I tried to resume my active lifestyle. I quickly realized that my range of motion and tolerance for high impact, repetitive exercise had diminished significantly.

Then, I started... read more

Renee Sachisinh

"Hello, I'm Camille Patton. I'm a mother of four, ages ranging from 19-28, married for 30 years. Six years ago, I moved my aging parents here to care for. My husband and I quit a family run business after 25 years and opened our own. Needeless to say, like most of us, I felt overworked, under appreciated and more often than not, extremely overwhelmed. I have been practicing yoga off and on for the last 10 years... read more

Camille Patton

"I have exercized for many years for one reason or another.  The primary reason was to loose "baby weight" and at the same time have an outlet for daily stressors.  What I enjoy about yoga is that in every class, weather it be a traditional power yoga or a Friday D.J. party, they all have these key components in common.  A challenging physical experience, focused breathing techniques, and the opportunity to build... read more

Ashley Scheuermann

"Thanks to Yoga ya ya and Power Yoga I can finally say I have found "my place".  After every class I walk away feeling like I've done something good for myself.  Even on the days I can't seem to balance on TWO feet, I always leave feeling better than when I came in. 

The last 5 months of power yoga classes at Yoga ya ya have put me in the best shape I've ever been both... read more

McKenzy Lewis

"Over the the years, I have "enjoyed" various types and levels of exercise - running, swimming, cycling, triathlons, Cross Fit, weight training, tennis, etc.  It has only been in the last 5 months that I have discovered hot power yoga -

and am S-O-L-D!!!  I am a believer in the positive effects of power yoga on the body as well as on the mind and spirit.  I can only explain it as "the missing piece" in my... read more

Sandy Patton

"As a registered nurse and respiratory therapist with a focus on wellness, I have tried for many years to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I currently have a gym membership, a spin bike, a treadmill, and a far infrared sauna in my home. However, it wasn't until I discovered Yoga Ya Ya that I felt as though my workout was something that I could actually look forward to. Instead of finding an excuse to not exercise, I... read more

Lori Francis

"Yoga ya ya has been my cure for everything! After having my second child I was looking for a place to get fit without the 'gym' atmosphere.

I have been attending Ya Ya since they opened in mid January and I have noticed more energy, more flexibility, and better balance within myself." read more

Amy Wallace